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Private user   •   about 1 year ago

Idea: Everybody loves SWAGG!!

"Estée Lauder Companies swag bag with skincare, makeup, fragrance or hair care products from our prestige brands (each team member) "--- this is only for employees' prize!! (rolling eyes)

Might not be huge cost for a company but definitely caught attention. Actually, those who win may gift those to their sister/ gf/ boast in front of their friends - and it will definitely make a memory.


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  • Manager   •   about 1 year ago

    Hi Shivam,

    Thanks for your interest in this hackathon. We understand that swag bags are great, however, shipping them globally isn’t as easy as you might think. These bags were only added to the employee prize pool due to both ease of delivery and because the employee cash prizes are about 50% lower than the general prize pool. Hope you understand and we can’t wait to see what you build!

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