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Are there other disabled folks here?

I am deeply concerned that there is no way for me to identify myself as disabled or find other disabled people in this hackathon. There does not seem to have been any outreach into disabled spaces, which could have the harmful effect of turning this into a design "for" disability hackathon rather than something disabled led. There doesn't seem to be any meaningful information about disability, everything the provided "inspiration" links and the Inclusive Tech Report provide deeply problematic information. If you are disabled and are participating, will you reach out? My email is liz@disabledlist.org and my Twitter is @elizejackson. Here's an analysis of the harms inherent to disability hackathons and innovation projects: https://blog.castac.org/2022/04/disability-dongle/


  • Manager   •   about 1 year ago

    Hi Liz!

    Thanks for posting this message. Devpost will email you separately to learn if you have any additional resources we can share!

    For anyone looking for teammates, if you set your status to "Looking for teammates" you can add a bit more info about yourself and you'll be searchable by other registrants on the /participants tab.

    Thanks so much,

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    Noting in this discussion that I did receive an email from Devpost. They did not meaningfully engage at all with the points I am making. But they did express an openness to receiving unpaid labor from me.

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