•   about 1 year ago

Talking about and sharing out hackathon project publically?

Can we post video updates to youtube and discuss our projects on places like LinkedIn? Are there any privacy concerns or are we free to discuss that we are participating in Hack4A::Y and what we are working on?


  •   •   about 1 year ago

    If you do post it publicly, I'd caution you against using the Hack4A::Y name. Screen reader users may hear 'Hack for a colon colony' which is quite funny now that I think about it.

  •   •   about 1 year ago

    Ha, not good :)

    I wanted to chat with you about my project too Liz. It's in the ideation track. The idea was to create a virtual design lab for designing, testing, demonstrating accessible point of sale booths, kiosks product displays, etc. However, I had a dilemma that you articulated so well, that I don't have the required experiences. Reading your comments gave me the idea that people with specific disabilities could design the disability scenarios and create the virtual experiences that allow others to get a better understanding of the challenges and solutions.

  •   •   about 1 year ago

    Any thoughts on the value / utility of that idea?

  •   •   about 1 year ago

    I updated my project thumbnail with the design center island. There are several scenarios there, stairs and walkways, building entrances and interiors that should be accessible. The design center itself is the building to the left, way in the back.

  •   •   12 months ago

    Hey Conan. Happy to chat with you about this. You may want to check out the Microsoft Inclusive Design Lab, the Verizon Inclusive Design Lab, and there are a few others. I remember touring the Verizon one in Manhattan years ago, and it felt like a coat closet, hidden behind a nondescript door (they assured me the West Coast office was livelier, though I can't imagine how, as it's rooted in the same principles). In this recent Microsoft profile, "the staff laments that some employees still treat the lab as a pass-through to the cafeteria." https://www.fastcompany.com/90824751/microsoft-leader-inclusive-design

    If you want to create a successful design lab, you first need to determine why people feel lost in these spaces once they are created. Nobody quite knows what to do in them, other than to mark them as a a sign of achievement. You may want to read a bit into the Ed Roberts Campus. I know DREDF and other disability organizations are located in the space, so it does get used. It's striking to me that neither Microsoft nor Verizon rooted their labs in what has been lasting at the Ed Roberts Campus. Root yourself in what exists, and you might get somewhere.

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